About Us

Making a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone is the mission of our team. We offer products made from environmentally friendly ingredients, which cannot always be found even in large retail chains:

  • ODRI - certified organic;

· Permeris - farm products;

Own production allows you to fix the cost at a low level. We pride ourselves on the fact that for the price our eco-friendly products are almost the same as regular ones. And we are very glad that we can support private farmers in their hard work. We also help people with gluten intolerances live tasty and hassle-free lives - and that's what makes us happy every day!


ODRI Gluten Free Products

· Pasta with additions of dried vegetables;

Organic rice

· Farm sauces and preservation;

ODRI organic products

Organic rice

  •  Pine nuts.

Farm products of TM Permeris (formerly Madli)


  •              sauces,


  •              sauces,

  •  pickles,

  •  spices and seasonings,

  •  base for Tkemali sauce