Farm products

Farm products

Permeris are well-known, familiar to everyone products, but not invented by corporations and large factories based on consumer preferences, focus groups, profit margins, quarterly sales plans and other indicators used in big business. It is created by us together with local farmers and small industries so that we ourselves have fun eating dishes with these products, and boldly share with friends.

This is the main criterion, but not the only one. Here are the rest:

  - everything is made from local raw materials. Where it is grown - there it is produced
 - we all know personally or no further than one handshake
 - we do not seek to transfer everything to our production in Georgia and make products where they were created and where the conditions for production are better
- only natural ingredients
  - for a truly natural product, the crop year of the ingredients is important, which is why we indicate it on the label

Adjika Megrelian. Seasoning spicy

106.61 руб. Ex Tax: 106.61 руб.


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