Basе for Tkemali Permeris sauce

Tkemali Permeris Sauce Basics are an opportunity for any restaurant to make its own Tkemali. You add herbs and spices yourself to the Permeris base, and you can create your perfect sauce for any dish. We control the origin of raw materials for each of the bases and choose a plum from the region that is most suitable for a given type of Tkemali.

The suppliers of natural raw materials for the manufacture of products are small farms. Georgian cordiality, mutual respect and hospitality have created a family atmosphere of production in which everything is done together: they dine at the same table, have fun from the heart and work according to their conscience.

The harvest of each year is unique and distinctive in taste. The absence of food additives allows you to fully enjoy these exclusive nuances of taste in natural Georgian sauces.

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