Farm sauces Permeris

Farm sauces Permeris

The Caucasus is famous for its fertile lands, mountain air and purest springs. TM Permeris combined all this with the centuries-old traditions of Caucasian cuisine and created an authentic, high-quality, natural product.

All sauces of  "Permeris" are made from vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in the fields in the open field in Georgia. Narsharab pomegranates are from the northern regions of Azerbaijan. We create culinary masterpieces, making sure that a clean and safe product gets to your table.

The suppliers of natural raw materials for the manufacture of products are small farms. Georgian cordiality, mutual respect and hospitality have created a family atmosphere of production in which everyone does everything together: they dine at the same table, have fun from the heart and work according to their conscience.

A careful control of both incoming raw materials and finished products for gluten content is carried out, which is regularly confirmed by the protocols of the independent Russian laboratory Stylab. By choosing Permeris you can be sure that the products are gluten free, of high quality and delicious taste.

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