Kids Series OdriKids

Kids Series OdriKids

Being engaged in the production of organic and gluten-free products, we ourselves are regular consumers of our products, as well as our children, relatives and friends. During this time, we saw which products our children especially like. We decided to separate them into a separate line, because eating foods grown and produced without chemicals, gluten-free, is extremely important for children for proper body formation and reducing the risk of various allergies.

We also thought that the products in the Odri kids series should be not only tasty and healthy, but also interesting, first of all, for the children themselves. Therefore, children, and adults as well, can "revive" any dinosaur depicted on the pack and play with it a little!

ODRI Organic Long Grain Jasmine Rice

248.76 руб. Ex Tax: 248.76 руб.


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