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ODRI's story is a tribute to the love story of two people from different cultures: Vietnamese entrepreneur Duyong and French girl Audrey. Their deep respect for nature and healthy lifestyles have allowed this lovely couple to become the founders of Vietnam's nascent organic farming movement.

Organic cereals growing on ecologically clean lands are of great value. Such products do not contain GMOs, because they are grown without the use of synthetic mineral fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators. When processing, we do not use refining, mineralization, do not add artificial food colors and flavors.

The ODRI brand belongs to the "premium" class. We use innovative technologies in production and formulation. The assortment of TM Ms.ODRI includes organic rice and pine nuts, gluten-free pasta with finely chopped dried carrots and beets. Their environmental friendliness and safety are guaranteed by European and American certificates (USDA).

Gluten-free products of TM "ODRI" (various types of pasta) are certified by the French laboratory CASE, which confirms that the amount of gluten in pasta is 2 times less than the norm for gluten-free products.

Organic Odri Rice is grown in these fields